The Return of 티비몬: A New Beginning for Korean Streaming

In the ever-evolving world of online streaming, the story of 티비몬 stands out as a tale of resilience and adaptation. In April 2023, the original noonoo TV voluntarily closed its doors under the mounting pressure of the Korean government. However, just a few months later, a new management team stepped in, borrowing the name of noonoo TV, and launched noonoo TV Season 2 in June. Unfortunately, this second endeavor was short-lived, as it too succumbed to the government’s sanctions. But from the ashes of noonoo TV Season 2 emerged a new player in the Korean streaming scene – 티비몬.

The Rise and Fall of noonoo TV Season 2

A Brief Reign
When noonoo TV Season 2 made its debut on June 14, 2023, there was a media frenzy claiming that the original noonoo TV team had returned for Season 2. However, this notion was quickly dispelled. Contrary to the initial reports, it was confirmed that Season 2 was not affiliated with the original noonoo TV team. A closer look at the official announcements on the Season 2 website clearly showed that they were an entirely new entity.

The Government’s Iron Fist
noonoo TV Season 2, like its predecessor, found itself unable to withstand the relentless pressure imposed by the Korean government. In the face of these challenges, it eventually declared voluntary closure. The government’s strict regulations and sanctions had taken their toll, leaving many avid viewers without their favorite platform for entertainment.


티비몬: A Fresh Start

A Familiar Face
Approximately a month after noonoo TV Season 2’s closure, 티비몬 emerged on the scene. This new platform bore a striking resemblance to the original noonoo TV, with only the name changed. Notably, it continued to support Google Chrome Cast, a feature that was synonymous with noonoo TV. Even more exciting for users, much of the existing noonoo TV content had been seamlessly transferred to 티비몬.

Free Access for All
One of the standout features of 티비몬 is its accessibility. Unlike its predecessors, which often required bypass systems like VPNs to access, 티비몬 offers free, unrestricted access to users. This move is expected to attract a significant user base, as it eliminates the barriers that previously existed.


In the ever-shifting landscape of online streaming services, the story of 티비몬 serves as a testament to adaptability. While noonoo TV Season 2 faced its share of challenges, it ultimately paved the way for the emergence of 티비몬. As users flock to this new platform for their entertainment needs, it’s clear that the spirit of online streaming in Korea remains alive and well.